Anne Zarnecke


Ostkreuz: Hood

Hood is a conceptual series about different parts of Berlin and was part of a Editorial Design module I’ve attended at university. The goal was to choose the district we live in, and portray it as we personally would like to. Since I always think in shapes and patterns, I broke down the district into different structural shapes and patterns and layed the pictures out as a little magazine. All of the photos were done by me with a Nikon D5000.


Frankfurter Buchmesse Poster Competition

This poster was a entry for the 2018 Frankfurter Buchmesse Poster Competition. Every year the exhibition chooses a country as “guest“, which has to be the main theme of the poster. 2018 it was Georgia and so I’ve researched a lot about the coutry and his diverse culture. This was the first time I’ve created vector images, the poster was made in Adobe InDesign.