Anne Zarnecke

Projects Overview


Personal Project

Constant visits by extraterrertrials plague the players mind while they have to find the cause of the events, maintain their sanity and keep the beloved family together. A horror-thriller inspired by Signs and Alien: Isolation.

Made in Unreal Engine

Unannounced Project (VR)

Commercial Project

My main responsibilities for this project are handling the interaction design, UX design as well as supporting internal playtests and providing design iterations when needed.

Unannounced Project

Commercial Project

I am involved in world building, am responsible for the conception of the core mechanics as well as the systemic designs of the project.

Royal Creatures Anne Zarnecke

Royal Creatures

Personal Project

Inspired by the Pokémon Franchise, this RPG pairs players with a mythological beast and puts them into a world full of political intrigue.

Made in Unity

Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game​

Commercial Project

Hitchhiker is a mystery game set along lost highways, where your goal is to solve the puzzle of your own backstory.


Student Project

An abstract puzzle game inspired by titles like Stephen’s Sausage Roll, while stilistically taking inspiration from Monument Valley.


Student Project

In Automata you take on the role of a NannyBot, who is currently being trained to help parents out with raising their children. In order to teach the robot about their responsibilities, memories of several mothers are being simulated and shown to her as part of a Turing Test.

The Sounds That Roam At Night A Short Walking Simulator with Twin Peaks vibes Anne Zarnecke

The Sounds That Roam At Night

Student Project

A internet forum merges the fate of four different eyewitnesses who have heard the mysterious HAARP sounds all around the world.