Anne Zarnecke

The Sounds That Roam At Night

People all over the world are hearing them: strange sounds, combined with weird hallucinations.

The Sounds That Roam At Night was the first game I’ve ever worked on and was made during my second semester of university. It was one of five pitches that made it through, meaning that I was able to decide which students should work on the game with me as a creative director / vision keeper.

I was inspired by several things like the mood of Stranger Things and the general weird vibes from all those HAARP sounds on YouTube or the MKULTRA documents. The game consists of four rooms with four different characters, all of them using a forum to talk about their hearings and strange hallucinations. Changing things around in the environment triggers the switch to another dimension, making everything look eerie.

A summary of my responsibilities:

  • Designing the narrative for the characters and story of the game in general
  • Created level blockouts with Planner 5D
  • Wrote texts for the forum entries shown at the start of the rooms
  • Worked with 3D artists to present narrative props fitting to the characters
  • Made a 3d model document for better overview and distribution throughout the team
  • Created a 30 page game design document to present mood, gameplay and visuals for the game
  • Made a timeline to keep track of deadlines and playtests