Anne Zarnecke

Published Work

Gain Magazin Games Journalism Anne Zarnecke

GAIN Magazine​


2019 I have written my first article for the GAIN Magazine. The magazine includes reviews, developer interviews as well as articles. My first article deals with the design aspect of coziness in games and how game designers are creating these kind of feelings for the players. The article was inspired by Project Horseshoe’s Group Report about Coziness in Games.
wasd magazin Games Journalism Anne Zarnecke

WASD Magazine


In the past I was a freelance author for the WASD Magazine, a bookazine for games culture. The magazine has a strong focus on visuals, each edition also has a theme which defines the overall topic for the articles. So far I have been a part of the WASD 15 (Beauty), WASD 13 (War) and WASD 12 (Fun).
techstage Games Journalism Anne Zarnecke



For TechStage I am reviewing Nintendo Switch games. I am reviewing the newest interesting titles, as well as the „greatest hits“ which were already released.
Gamereactor Games Journalism Anne Zarnecke

Gamereactor Germany​


I have been a freelance journalist for Gamereactor for several years now. Even though I mainly write reviews for current video games, I also get involved in writing news and attend press events for games.
GameStar Games Journalism Anne Zarnecke



For a couple of months I’ve written an online column for the GameStar, a popular German website and print magazine. For the column I have researched indie games we haven’t heard from in a long time and got in contact with the game developers to provide further insights into the status of each game.