Anne Zarnecke


A Sci-Fi-Adventure about what it means to be a mother.​

Automata was made in my third semester at studying game design and was the project that also sparked my interest in learning how to code. Because of a small team size and some general problems I took on a lot of roles during development, which really helped me grow my general knowledge.

The mainframe of the university course was to develop a game based on the theme of motherhood. I didn’t had any inspirations for the story itself, but the visuals were very much inspired by games like Everybodys Gone to the Rapture and The Uncertain. You start at the laboratory from where you can switch to the two memories. Through hacking the devices (presented in a minigame) you are able to gather information about the stories of the mothers.

A summary of my responsibilities:

  • Designing the general narrative and stories of the two mothers
  • Wrote short little dialogues that get triggered
  • Designed the core loop of the game
  • Lighting out scenes, creating particle FX and using Post Processing
  • Created a NavMesh in Unity for the Point-and-Click-System
  • Made a basic Point-and-Click-System in C#
  • Various triggers for scene changes, cutscenes and dialogue
  • Created a Silent Hill-like camera system in C#
  • Designed and scripted the minigames