Anne Zarnecke
Open House Exhibition @ UE Anne Zarneccke

Open House Exhibition @ UE

Almost two weeks ago we’ve had our exhibition and open house at the university, where everyone was invited to look at our current works. One of my games I worked on, Tesseract, was included in the „Süper Mega Game Pack“ (the GOTY of university works). Our professors also gave us the chance to design our own sticker pack and postcards as a support for the game, which was super exciting.

I managed to get the pack finished shortly after all of those deadlines and tests for my courses. Seeing your own game printed as stickers is a really cool feeling and I basically want to plaster all of Berlin with our stickers now. This whole thing gets done once a year after our summer semester is over. Since we have to upload our projects on you’re able to see all of the games our game design major has done so far on their page.